Monday, 9 June 2014

Whatever life gives you..

Sitting by the window, staring in to the rain..watching through the window pane..I wonder why is it called pane..when the other pain can't make you see through..Why is it simply confusing?? And in my mind, a picture I drew!

You strive so hard for things you you don't what you need, you pay no heed..You can't stop thinking..yet can not think..You wish to close your eyes..yet can not just blink..

The bad part is never in sight..but you still know its not alright..I wish in the fight of life..they did have a refree..Funny world I tell you! Yet nothing amuses me..

But somewhere out there, is a kid who can not see..yet smiles and dreams, saying what he wants to be..Whatever life gives you..its never enough to give..What did you make out of it, worthy it was to live!

- JD