Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sometimes..words are just not enough..

love by an amazing feeling..though sometimes it gets all tough..but always make that special one, "feel" special..cause sometimes words are just not enough..

am not a great poet, with a creative pen..or some writer, people adore..its just tonight m spending with my thoughts..and my feelings, i simply pour..

sitting back with a sigh..and watery eyes..through memory lane..i ran..just a one little nod from you back then..would have made me a different man..

not finding love is far better..then finding it, and losing it somewhere..its like finding the best thing ever..and then not getting your share..

you'll still be safe in my heart. life's patches..smooth and rough.i don't know how much of this would you believe..cause sometimes words are just not enough..

- JD

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