Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Taste of Life..

Walking on the sidewalk,
not knowing where to go!
With a few dreams in the eyes,
some thoughts in the mind.
Looking up to the sunrise,
that will lead tomorrow!

No one knows what's in store,
no one knows, where's the shore.
You still keep going, through the waves,
keeping the faith alive,
with a strong will to survive.
To reach what you would feel, is a better place!

This philosophy of life, is in a simple fact.
Like a fighting spirit, never dies..
Like we need a little sunrise,
to make the hay..
There is no way to Peace,
Peace itself, is the way!

Life is full of untold mysteries,
it can soothe you like a mother,
it can cut you like a knife.
You can curse it, blame it..
You can face it, live it..
Cause thats what you call, the Taste of Life!!

- JD

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