Thursday, 12 June 2014

What is love??

What is this love...
is something i never knew,
i met a lot who were in love..
but happy were a few!

Will i ever love someone,
is something i never thought;
but when it happened to me...
my mind and soul they faught!

My heart emerged victorious,
and in it love began to pour...
it never got its full;
kept asking more and more...!

But most of the things that happen,
you never want them to;
and the way i loved love...
it never loved me too!

Why did i ever love someone,
i thought as my love grew wild;
for nothing in my life...
so much,have i cried!

What is thi love....I ask;
and am back from where i start,
the only difference out here is...
now with a BROKEN HEART!!!

- JD

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